Land's End Governance

Find out what makes Land's End tick.

Like all first-class communities, Land’s End is governed by deed restrictions and rules adopted to maintain the high-quality standards that sets us apart from other neighborhoods.  By purchasing a lot here you agree to abide by these rules. Enforcing the deed restrictions and rules is necessary to assure all property owners that the quality of their neighborhood is maintained and their property values are protected.  The Homeowner Association, through the Board of Directors elected by our members, is committed to protecting your investment through full, fair and consistent enforcement of these restrictions.  We try to do this in the friendliest way possible, we are after all your friends and neighbors, so please help us by learning and living the conditions you have accepted.

Elected LEHOA Board Members, effective 05/07/2022

The Land's End Homeowner's Association Board of Directors

Brad Rogers

President of HOA Board



Cathy Bastyr

Vice President of HOA Board



Treasurer of HOA Board



Paul Tibbets

HOA Board Member




Joey Bush

HOA Board Member


Beverley Haynes