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Welcome to the Land’s End Homeowners Association website.  The Land’s End Community is located on the shoreline of Lake Fork, near Yantis, Texas. The community consists of 126 residential lots (79 lake lots, 45 golf lots, 10 villa lots) that are adjacent to The Links of Land’s End golf course and the shoreline of Lake Fork.  Currently there are 90 homes in the community.

The Land’s End Homeowners Association was formed to maintain high living standards for the community, and  it works to ensure that property values for the residents are maintained along with a comfortable rural life. The HOA works to balance architectural control with the desires of each owner to express their individual preferences for custom home design and materials. The large lots in the community provide plenty of room between houses, and all our homes are custom, so you won’t see the “cookie cutter” look often found in city developments.  Read more and learn how to navigate our site…

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Wildlife Committee Update

November 23, 2021

Land’s End Homeowners,

With the arrival of lower temperatures, frost and freezing weather, the cases of EHD (Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease) will decrease rapidly as the midges or no-see-ums go dormant.

The fall equinox ushers in shorter days, cooler temps and the beginning of the fall/winter breeding cycle of whitetail deer. The weather, availability of food sources and habitat are ever changing and in varying degrees of flux during the fall season. Whitetail deer go through major hormonal and behavioral changes as they prepare for the up-coming ‘(rut” season. A chaotic shift in the cycle of whitetail patterns.

More hours of darkness begins the increase in melatonin production in the deer. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland at the base of the brain. Light enters the deer’s retina, producing a signal sent through the optic nerve to hypothalamus and pineal glands and melatonin production is inhibited. The opposite effect happens at night, the signal or impulse stops and the melatonin is released into the body. Days are shortened in the fall and the increased nocturnal activity releases melatonin to even higher levels. These increase levels of melatonin stimulate the hypothalamus and pineal glands to begin secreting the “rut hormones” estrogen in doe and testosterone in bucks.

Bucks observed in bachelor groups, depart in search of a doe in estrus. Does will not ovulate or begin behavior associated with estrus, (heat), until her system contains the right concentrations of estrogen, progesterone and (LH) luteinizing hormones. This unusual combination happens for a short time frame of 2-3 days.

This production of this balanced concentration of hormones occurs roughly on a 28-day cycle, much the same as women. During this time, secretions of scents of the doe are so attractive to a buck that he will travel for miles day or night in pursuit of a willing female.

“Thus the party begins, men chasing women.” Madness of passion, sound familiar, been going on since the beginning of time!

The deer seem to be more ravenous than usual during the fall and there is good reason. Frustrating as it may be as we see observe our flower beds and shrubs reduced to a scene from “Tarzan Gone Wild” the deer seem to devour everything in sight. I was in my office mid-day today when I watched a young buck sashay up to my wife’s favorite potted plant, sample the fare, then devour the whole thing as if he was on a time clock!! Seriously! !!! The feeding frenzy has begun! The bucks are preparing for battles and breeding while the does are storing up fat reserves needed for energy during their pregnancy.

Well simply stated, energy comes from a diet with fats and carbohydrates and are among the most important components for survival. Energy is stored as fat to sustain the deer through fall, the rut and winter.

If the fat reserves are depleted for example in the buck’s case because of constant roaming and fighting then the buck’s system will begin burning muscle for energy.

When this happens the buck will weaken and can succumb to death. Many hunters have been sickened when they stumble upon the remains of a herd patriarch buck, a magnificent giant that had succumbed to the elements due to a weaken body.

The does must have enough energy to make it to spring. She them can gorge on a freshly spouted flower of honey suckle or the fare of a spring meadow. Does give birth to fawns and after their birth, seek a place of solitude for their offspring away from predators and danger. The matriarch doe find these places and her rangale of does are programed each year to return to these preferred areas.

Land’s End is one of those preferred areas. We all enjoy the sightings and elegance of one of nature’s more charismatic animals but without purposely doing so may have created an environment detrimental to their survival.

It is unanimous among wildlife professionals that feeding deer is a “bad idea”.In a general sense, corn is low in protein only about (9%), has poor mineral value and often causes digestive metabolic problems in deer. The main problem is that a deer’s digestion is a finely tuned biological system requiring the right combination of enzymes, microorganisms and pH balance. As deer are browsers, not grazers like cattle, they are programed for a vegetative diet provided by grasses, mast acorns, fruits, etc. When offered a sudden supply of corn, a deer’s digestive system does not have time to digest this high carbohydrate supplement. They appear normal and certainly well feed but the corn alters the stomach’s rumen environment. The rumen turns acid and destroys the microbes needed for the normal digestion process. If the acidosis is severe enough the deer’s whole body may become acidic. It is a fact that microbes attack the corn starch with a vengeance and can ferment it much faster than other portions of the deer’s diet. Some microbes proliferate while others die causing the different types of digestive products to change immediately from acidosis.

Simply stated, the starch used by growing corn plants is readily available to deer and that is why they carve it! Like a kid in a candy store!

Effects of Eating too much corn:

Deer feel sick, quit eating and become lethargic.

Deer can develop diarrhea.

Deer can bloat (lethal build- up of gases in the rumen).

Deer can develop polioencephalomalacia, (a lethal condition of the nervous system which in severe cases causes blindness, seizures and death).

Deer eating too much corn can develop hoof problems. Causing a deer to continually lift one foot at a time off the ground to relieve hoof pressure.

Deer can develop hoof deformities and may no longer be able to walk on their hoofs.

It is a fact that supplemental feeding will increase deer populations. Increased deer density places stress on the available browse and other plant flora required by deer. Deer resort to whatever vegetation that is available and that includes my wife’s favorite potted plant and yours. Until we subside with supplemental feeding then deer populations will not decrease. Having a preferred habitat is one thing but increase deer density due to supplemental feeding is another. This problem is not just isolated to Land’s End but areas outside our beloved community as well. These are all areas of thought and soul searching.

One final comment, Feral Hogs are near and nomadic. They have been spotted and killed in nearby pastures, etc. Supplemental feeding areas are a prime attractant. If you are frustrated with the deer issues, then you have not seen anything yet! I have battled feral hogs for years on my farms and hunting properties, without much relief. Trapping and destroying this animal is the only solution. We will have a whole set of new issues to deal with upon their arrival.

Have a Safe and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Warmest Regards, Larry and Karen Lott

Karen (903) 681-5149 or Larry (318) 393-6962


Love to Play Bridge?

Resident Ann Link does and looking for others in the neighborhood that do as well!  Anyone interested in forming a Bridge Group, contact Ann at 972-679-7084.

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LEVFD at Work!

On March 7th, construction from a nearby neighbor resulted in a dead tree at the Gorman's residence catching fire from a flying ember. Fire Department was called, local neighbors grabbed a hose and headed to the residence to help.

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LEHOA Committee’s – Looking for Volunteers

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Lake Fork named top bass fishing spot in US

By KLTV Digital Media Staff. Published: Jun. 29, 2021 at 10:52 AM CDT|Updated: Jun. 29, 2021 at 11:05 PM CDT BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — East Texas is home to four of the 100 best lakes for bass fishing, according to Bassmaster Magazine, including the No. 1 pick. Lake Fork,...

Notice of Annual HOA Meeting May 7, 2022

Notice of Annual HOA Meeting May 7, 2022

TO: All End Property Owners The 2022 Annual Meeting of Members, originally scheduled for February, will be held on Saturday, May 7th, 2022. The reception will begin at 2 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 3 p.m. at the Lands End Volunteer Fire Department. The Fire...

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Notice of HOA Board Meeting (January)

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Notice of Board of Directors Meeting (October)

Notice of Board of Directors Meeting (October)

LANDS END HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION NOTICE OF BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Oct. 14, 2021 Please be advised that the Board of Directors ("the Board”) for Lands End Homeowners Association (the “Association”) intends to conduct a regular  Board meeting at...

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The Links – Employee Appreciation Luncheon

The Links – Employee Appreciation Luncheon

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Rockin’ Halloween Concert

Rockin’ Halloween Concert

Join us for a live music Rockin' Halloween Concert right here at Lands End 10-30-21. Featuring Rafael Espinoza & the Rockabilly Railroad, Terry Casburn, Cary Banks & Toya Dyess. Call the Pro Shop 903-383-3290 for tickets.