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Welcome to the Land’s End Homeowners Association website.  The Land’s End Community is located on the shoreline of Lake Fork, near Yantis, Texas. The community consists of 126 residential lots (79 lake lots, 45 golf lots, 10 villa lots) that are adjacent to The Links of Land’s End golf course and the shoreline of Lake Fork.  Currently there are 90 homes in the community.

The Land’s End Homeowners Association was formed to maintain high living standards for the community, and  it works to ensure that property values for the residents are maintained along with a comfortable rural life. The HOA works to balance architectural control with the desires of each owner to express their individual preferences for custom home design and materials. The large lots in the community provide plenty of room between houses, and all our homes are custom, so you won’t see the “cookie cutter” look often found in city developments.  Read more and learn how to navigate our site…

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Land's End News

Updates, HOA news, events and more.

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2020 News Headlines at Land’s End

Click Jerri Dawson to view her most recent posts.  Click Bob McGuire to view his most recent posts. 

Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention month.  The following link is to a presentation put together by many in our county to promote child abuse awareness and prevention.  It was put together by Sam Scrogginsand is wonderful!!  It also features  Angela Albers, Wood County DA, who gives a passionate and inspiring speech on our responsibilities to help protect all of our children.  If you have not been able to view this before please take the time to do so.  It is well worth your time. https://www.facebook.com/Wood-County-Child-Welfare-Protection-Board-Texas-222039551141748/ 


Lands End Fire Department Needs your help…

Our local Fire Department is in the need of volunteers.  If you are in the position to assist and would like to serve, please reach out by calling 903-383-2161.  We have been very blessed to have a local fire department here in our Lands End community, that has an ISO rating that allows for us all to receive up to a 10% discount on our homeowners insurance policies and provides the peace of mind that emergency help is just minutes away.  Please share this opportunity with anyone in the area that might be able to serve.


Wecome our newest residents to Lands End


Please welcome our newest residents to Lands End listed below.  If you happen to see them out and about, be sure and say “Hello”: 

Mark & Cheryl Meeker – G-22
Robert & Keli Phillips – L66
J.D. & Kath Grommesh – L-81
Thomas & Leslie Pitchford – L-19
Thomas Koonce – G8
Bill & Di Honey -L13
Joe & Sandy Ferguson -L68
Joe & Lorri Drennden – G17
Matt & Michelle Machen – L-28
Dan & Lorraine Seay – L82
Jack & Angela Lane – V1 and V2
Robert & Terri Anderson – Villa L11
Mark & Meredith Marshall – G39
Greg & Ginny Charles – V6
James & Sharla Cook – L73
Mark Massad – G30
Larai & Hope Collins – L6
Val Bagnani – L40
Pat & Joe Diomede – L48
Dave Parsons – V14
Jeremy & Erin Neill – G25 & G26
Kevin & Kim Rogers – G45
Rory & Larissa Glidewell – L23
Larry & Karen Lott – G23
James & Sarah Michael – G18

Scott & Jennifer Symes – L80


Lands End Annual Road Work to Begin

The HOA is beginning our annual work on the roads. Our first priority is to correct drainage issues in the neighborhood. Our first project is to correct two culvert problems on PR 5980. The first is next to Terry & Sue Casburn (lot G-10) and the second is in front of Mike & Amy Puccinelli (lot L-24). In order to accomplish this, beginning Thursday July 2 PR 5980 will be blocked from just west of PR 5987 to just west of PR 5984. PR 5987 will be blocked at the intersection of PR 5980. It is anticipated the blockage will not exceed one week maximum. Please be patient and select an alternate route during this time.

“Deer” Friends

We just saw our first newborn fawn of the year, therefore it is the time to post this.  Deer deliver their newborns in the strangest of places!  Residents will find them and be concerned about a newborn deer on their lawn, in their garden, under the azaleas, etc.  Most think the fawn is in peril and Mom is nowhere to be found. Well, Mom is actually off feeding and helping to keep predators away.  For those who ask what should they do for the fawn .  Leave it alone, do not touch, move, or attempt to feed it.  Deer are NOT like horses. They do not have their legs under them immediately and need time to rest after birth.  Horses get up and go that’s the sign of a healthy horse.  A healthy fawn will curl up, nap most of the day, and move their heads. They have no scent and predators cannot find them unless humans interfere.  Mom leaves during the day for two primary reasons: to feed and to keep her scent a distance from the fawn.  Mom will come back (unless something tragic happens to her) but don’t expect her until dusk and certainly don’t expect her if humans are hovering around.  If you are fortunate enough to have the gift of a fawn please enjoy the experience, respect Mother Nature, and let the Mom do what comes naturally.  She will move the fawn daily so you may see it in different locations.


 Prayers for past resident Doug Hill 

Click on the Tyler Morning Telegraph article to view he news about Doug and his positive test for corona virus.

Frank Bauer. a resident of Land’s End,  passed away March 2, 2020

Glynn (Chip) Gomez passed away Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020.

Chip and Mindy Gomez were former Land’s End residents who lived in one of the Villa homes.

Community News

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Snow at Lands End

Snow at Lands End

On Saturday, Feb. 13th we all saw snow begin to fall at nightfall, and the next day we awoke to a winter wonderland out here in our beautiful neighborhood. Thanks to all that shared their pictures with us! Toya & Bentley So much fun! Following the Deer Tracks Deer...

Notice of 2021 Annual Meeting

Notice of 2021 Annual Meeting

March 24, 2021 %Toya Dyess, Assist. Treasurer P.O. Box 399Yantis, TX 75497Ph: 903-383-3517 Fax: 903-383-2482 landsendhomeowners@gmail.com Bill Russell, PresidentJoey Bush, DirectorCathy Bastyr, Treasurer/Director J.R. Douglas, DirectorJerri Dawson, DirectorToya Dyess,...

New LEHOA Trailer Procedures

Most of you are aware, but for those who may not know, the HOA offers the use of a  5’ X 12’ utility trailer built with a loading ramp.   With the arrival of Spring we have noticed an uptick in people using the trailer.  While we are happy to provide this for our...

News from The Links

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Land’s End Club Championship 2020

The Land’s End Club Championship was held on the weekend of September 19th and 20th.  It was a great turnout with many golfers participating.  The weather was beautiful, the course was in great shape, the greens were fast and the golf was exciting.  Congratulations to...

2020 Link’s Match Play Team Championship

This past weekend's Match Play Team Championship was filled with some great golf and incredible shots proving once again to be an exciting tournament. Players in Six flights went head to head for two days with close matches and incredibly close final scores in each...

The Links during COVID-19

The Links during COVID-19

The Links golf course and Resturant remain open during the COVID-19 stay at home period. Click for golf course and Resturant adjustments.