12/24/10: Notice of Annual Meeting

The 2011 Annual Meeting of Members will be held on Saturday, February 5th at 3:00 p.m. in the Community Center at Land’s End Fire Department. The Board of Directors encourages all property owners to attend and participate in this meeting. At this meeting there will be an election for three Directors, as terms are expiring for current directors TJ Henshaw, Joe Munsch and Brad McCampbell. Refreshments will be served.

12/10/10: Deer Harvest Complete

Deer surveys this year counted 50% more females and fawns than last year, as the buck population remained the same as LY. Most residents reported, and surveys confirmed, a substantial increase in fawn production with the majority of does having twins. As a result of the population increase, the harvest quota was increased from 16 to 36 does. This year’s deer harvest ended without incident on 12/8 when the doe quota was fulfilled. Altogether, a total of 38 deer were removed in three harvesting days and 800 pounds of boneless processed deer meat was donated to charity. The Texas Parks & Wildlife biologist in charge of the MLD program complimented Land’s End with the speed and efficiency demonstrated in executing the program and was very satisfied that we had met our quota for the second consecutive year. He reiterated that effective population management is necessary to maintaining a healthy herd, and recommended that we discontinue measures that might attract deer to the neighborhood, such as food plots and supplemental feeding. In its meeting on 10/17, Land’s End Board of Directors adopted a policy to prohibit all automatic feeders and bulk wholesale feeding of deer as a means of discouraging deer from migrating to Land’s End, while recognizing that incidental feeding in small amounts does not attract outside deer and could not be policed. Residents are requested to promptly comply.

Land’s End HOA would especially like to recognize and thank those who played a major role in completing the deer surveys and the harvest, including Dale Mason, Jim Parker, Jerry Busbee, Joe Legenza and Logan Vaughan.

8/15/10: Deer Surveys Begin

Starting Wednesday, 8/18 we will begin our annual deer population survey, which forms the basis of our management program. Nighttime surveys will be conducted between 9:00-11:00pm each Wednesday for three weeks, so if you see someone driving around on a mule with spotlights, don’t be alarmed, that’s the HOA counting deer. We will also conduct three daytime surveys for confirmation before returning all data to Texas Parks & Wildlife for analysis and harvest recommendations, if any. The route will be the same as last year.

7/15/10: Road Resurfacing Completed

Isn’t it nice to drive PR 5990 now? Yes, there are other areas almost as bad, but our long range resurfacing plan focuses on completing long sections of the heaviest traveled roads and then seal-coating them to make the new surface last longer. We’ve now completed the final section of PR 5990, our poorest quality road, and will seal it as soon as funds become available (possibly from reserves). Other areas will continue to be patched as needed until we can afford to resurface major portions of those roads.

Because we keep all other expenses as low as possible, we’re able to spend $400 of your $500 annual dues on road resurfacing – $50,000 annually. Over the past three years we’ve spent $163,000 and resurfaced 6,100 linear feet (1.2 miles) for an average cost of about $27 per foot. Around 13,500 feet (2.5 miles) have not been resurfaced. IF: we have no major breakdowns; dues remain unchanged; and the price of oil remains stable – we can continue to resurface about 2,000 feet per year and have all roads resurfaced by 2017. Realistically, our roads simply won’t last that long and some increase in dues will be needed. Each $100 increase pays for resurfacing an additional 500 feet per year. Based on road condition and traffic patterns, here’s how the Board of Directors currently view resurfacing priorities and timelines:

Priority Road Length Current Repair Year Year if Dues Incr. $250 Year if Dues Incr. $500
1 5980   Center Section 2300 2011 2011 2011
1 5980   Front Section 2100 2012 2011-12 2011
2 5982 1600 2013 2012 2012
2 5987 1300 2014 2013 2012
3 5980   End Section 1200 2015 2013 2012
3 5983 1000 2015 2013 2013
3 5984 1800 2016 2014 2013
3 5985 900 2017 2014 2013
4 5991 1300 2017 2015 2013

6/15/10: Fireman’s Golf Benefit a Huge Success

The 7th Annual Fireman’s Golf Benefit was held on Saturday, June 12th and proved to be the best ever, not only in fundraising, but for the players who enjoyed it. Feedback Surveys completed at the tournament gave especially high marks to the volunteers working the event, cash contest prizes, lunch & snacks, and free beer and sodas. Here are some highlights from the tournament:

  • Two or more contests on every      hole (43 total) awarded $10,000 in cash prizes, some for good golf &      some for not so good golf

  • $2,000 total cash payout to six      teams based on team rankings

  • $10,000+ in raffle prizes

  • $3,000+ in sponsor prizes      awarded in fun contests like “potato putt”, “wiffle ball      chip” and “marshmallow drive”

  • $100+ per player in Goodie Bags      ($15,000 total)

  • Bar B-Q lunch with brisket,      pulled pork & chicken + free hot dogs during play

  • Free beer, soft drinks &      water all day

The Fireman’s Golf Benefit is rated by over 90% of players as “The Best Tournament I’ve Ever Played”. The tournament has turned away teams every year for the past five years and this year’s the tournament sold out two months in advance. Half of next year’s teams have already been sold via Early Registration, which guarantees a spot for returning teams and prioritizes new teams by date received.

The 8th Annual Fireman’s Golf Benefit will be on June 11, 2011 and is already more than 95% sold out. None of this would be possible without the fantastic support of our cash and merchandise prize donors and sponsors. We would especially like to thank these Land’s End residents for sponsoring the $12,000 in cash prizes awarded this year: Jim & Dot Hill, Tony & Sue Brill, John & Karen Hodnett, Lee & Missy Knight, R.B. & Alice Hinton, C.B. & Jan Hudson, Bill & Janice Hinton, B.J. & Marla Golden, Brad & Gwen Shelton, Chuck & Brenda Davis, Dale & Tony Mason, Drew & Susan Roberts, Frank & Suzanne Bauer, Gene & Diane Stowe, Gordon & Jan Greeson, Jeff & Kathy Scheumack, Jim & Betty Tucker, Rod & Sally Shuffield, Sim & Jill Barclay, Thom & Barbara Woosley, Rocky & Sally Gray, Tom & Debby Keenan, Bill & Brenda Ledbetter, Bob & Carolyn McGuire, David & Lowery Gilmore, Ron & Karen Harpole, Steve & Linda Yungblut, Ted & Jeanette Warren, Chris & Yvette Malinowski, Jim & Karen Parker, Louis & Gayle Nelson and Robert & Donna Lane.

4/10/10: ZUMBA Fitness Coming to Land’s End

ZUMBA Fitness is an exciting new fitness program that is designed for everyone – men and women of every size, every shape and every age. From beginners to advanced you will enjoy the benefits of this effective exercise and calorie-burning program while enjoying the company of your neighbors and friends here in Land’s End. ZUMBA sessions will be held at the new pavilion every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. starting this week. The cost is $5 for club members and $7 for non-members and you can register at the Club or just show up and be prepared to “burn 500 calories an hour” with ZUMBA. For more information, contact Liesa at 903-383-3290 or visit ZUMBA.com.

Depending on the level of interest, the Club is also planning to host “Finally Fit” yoga and Pilate’s classes with Tammy Marler. These are planned for Monday’s at 9:30 a.m. and the starting date will be determined by the number of sign-ups. Contact Liesa at 903-383-3290.

2/12/10: Record Snowfall Blankets East Texas

We awakened Thursday morning to snow-covered grass and shrubbery that mostly melted away by early afternoon, then the temperature dropped, the flakes got very large, and it started piling up again and continued through the night. By daylight Friday morning everything was weighted down, broken over and buried beneath an 8″ accumulation of wet, heavy snow and breaking the all-time record for snowfall in a 24 hour period. Power outages were everywhere due to trees falling over the lines, but we were lucky and only without power for about five hours. Here’s a few photos from my home I thought you might enjoy – click each one to enlarge.

2/11/10: Notes From “State of the Lake” Meeting

On Thursday, February 4th, the Wood County Industrial Commission again hosted the annual “State of the Lake” meeting at our community center. With cold pouring rain and local flooding, they expected far less attendance than the 125 who came last year, but were they shocked when over 300 people showed up. The meeting room was packed like sardines and over 100 people tried to hear from the truck bay or simply left because they couldn’t get in. Since the interest is very high in Land’s End and I was unable to hear most of the presentations, I asked Marti Busbee to share her personal notes (attached) with you and she has agreed. Thank You, Marti.

2/8/10: Annual Meeting Highlights

A total of 57 Owners and two guests participated in the 2010 Annual Meeting of Members on Saturday, February 6th. Owners enjoyed plenty of good conversation, food and wine during the 40 minute social period before the meeting started, with quite a few new owners taking this opportunity to meet their neighbors. Things have been going very well in Land’s End and there were no major issues to address or concerns raised by owners. Topics discussed were as follows:

  • Richard Ellis of Eagle Golf      gave a presentation and answered questions on the current status of The      Links at Land’s End, including membership, management, restaurant and      the new Pavilion scheduled to open the end of this month.

  • TJ gave an update on the Fire      Department, including number of emergency responses, additional trucks to      carry water, and upcoming fundraising activities. Of special significance      are the five new volunteers from Land’s End: Joe & Tammy Legenza and      Tracy, Jody & Austin Raymond.

  • A budget review noted that      annual dues had not increased this year and that road paving would      continue at the same pace as the last two years. A new Recycle Center is      now operational and material needed to install guardrails had been found,      so they will be completed as weather permits. Money is budgeted to repair      the pond dam, if lake levels get low enough to permit the repair.

  • The Deer Management Program was      extremely successful, with all harvesting completed in four days using      only 4 harvesters, and no negative incidents occurring. 400 pounds of      processed venison was donated to local charities, thanks to Land’s End      residents who sponsored the processing fee (they are listed on the      “Wildlife” page).

  • The new CODE RED notification system (below) was presented and      well received by owners.

  • Two key issues from the      “State of the Lake” meeting were reviewed, including:

    • Water Hyacinth has become a major       problem that’s beyond the capabilities of TPW and SRA to control and       individual owners should take aggressive action in their own areas. We       will apply for a combined “Land’s End” spray permit.

    • Dallas water withdrawal will       not significantly affect lake water levels in times of normal rainfall,       however, in times of drought Lake Fork will see more pronounced effects       similar to other lakes around Dallas. It all depends on things beyond our       control.

  • Sharon Brooks and Jerry Busbee      were elected as Directors in the two-year positions previously held by      Tony Brill and Jim Tucker.

2/3/10: CODE RED Emergency Notification System

Code RED is an emergency notification system that has been adopted by Wood and surrounding counties. It works like “911” in reverse and enables Wood County dispatch to quickly provide information to residents within any geographic area simply by outlining the area on a map, recording a voice message, and enter the “SEND” command. In an emergency or other occasion when it’s important to quickly notify a large number of people (such as nearby tornado, missing person near you, etc.), this system uses home addresses (within the outlined area) to make phone calls to thousands of people simultaneously. It can leave the message on your recorder and call your cell phone.

If you would like to be called when Wood County wants to contact you with critical information, you’ll need to register your name, address and phone numbers with the Code RED system, because the current database was only able to import old data from the 2000 census. Simply follow this link to the Wood County website, click on the “Code RED” bar at the top and enter your name, address, phone and e-mail information. Wood County has guaranteed that the information you enter will not be provided to anyone else and will only be used by the Code RED system. HINT: You can provide more than two numbers by registering your name for two and registering your spouse’s name for another two numbers.

1/04/10: Notice of Annual Meeting

The 2010 Annual Meeting of Members will be held on Saturday, February 6th at 3:00 p.m. in the Community Center at Land’s End Fire Department. This will be an open forum type meeting providing all members the opportunity to participate. There will also be an election for two directors to serve two-year terms. The Board of Directors encourages all members to attend and participate in the Annual Meeting. Refreshments will be served.