12/12/06: Harrisons Donate Land to Fire Department

Micky & Renee’ Harrison have decided to build in Colorado and have already sold their home on L-42 and lot L-40. In the early days of Land’s End, they purchased the island inside the circle of PR 5984 & PR 5985 so they could clear the underbrush and make it more presentable. This week the Harrisons generously donated that property to Land’s End Fire Department. We truly appreciate Micky & Renee’ for supporting Land’s End VFD with this donation and all of us in the Land’s End community and Land’s End VFD wish them well wherever life takes them. Thank you VERY much!

11/10/06: Knights Disclose New Development In Land’s End

Have you heard about the new addition Lee & Missy Knight are bringing to Land’s End? No, it’s not more houses, thought they are building several new ones, this time it’s a BABY! Missy is two months pregnant with their first child, our first native-born Land’s End resident. Congratulations Lee & Missy! We know you are happy and very excited, and so are we.

9/27/06: Boat Raffle Nets $20,000 for Fire Department

Merion & Shirley Reynolds (G29) were amazed and thrilled when they learned the boat they donated raised just over $20,000 for the Fire Department. They wanted to help with the cost of the station expansion and would have been happy with whatever amount of cash the boat contributed, but they never dreamed it would raise twenty thousand. Volunteer firefighters were determined to make the best of this very special gift. They worked tirelessly for over a month selling tickets to friends and neighbors, placing them in surrounding stores, marinas and restaurants, and setting up a booth at the Rains County Fair. The big push came at the McDonald’s Big Bass Splash where they enlisted additional volunteers and worked the crowds for four days, selling over $12,000 in tickets. The winner, a very happy John Hathcock from Atlanta, Texas, was present when Bob Sealy drew the winning ticket and called his name. Land’s End VFD wishes to thank Merion & Shirley for their wonderful gift and also thank all those supporters who purchased tickets. Without your generosity we would not exist.

9/27/06: Dry Hydrants Installed

Land’s End VFD has completed installation of nine “dry hydrants” in various locations around Lake Fork. Dry hydrants are designed with a standard fire truck connection and extend about 100′ into a reliable water source, providing firefighters with a ready source of water. When Engine 990 (Big Red) is connected to a dry hydrant it can deliver 1,000 gallons per minute, either directly to the trucks fighting the fire (up to 1500 feet) or to tankers shuttling water to those trucks. Hydrants are located in Land’s End, Wolf Creek Bay, Fiddler’s Green, Hideaway Harbor, Red Bird Cove, Key Addition, Brook Harbor, Clarkson Addition and Sun Eagle Bay. The Land’s End hydrant is located next to the green on hole # 4; this one pictured is in Hideaway Harbor.

9/12/06: Land’s End “Super Athletes” & TV Personalities (submitted by Dawn McCampbell)

Brad Shelton (G-18) and his son Scott, a former resident of LE, rode in and COMPLETED the “Hotter-N-Hell 100” bicycle ride on August 26, 2006. This was the 25th anniversary of the race held annually in Wichita Falls, TX. The course begins and ends in Wichita Falls but takes the riders through the small towns in the area for a total of 100 miles. This was Brad’s third time to participate and Scott’s first. A total of 12,000 bicyclist participated in the mass start at 7:00 am. This is not a race so there is not a winner; the goal is to complete the 100 miles ON your bike and breathing, to receive your “finishing” pin. It took them only 5 hrs and 12 minutes to complete the 100 mile course with strong winds and extremely hot temperatures. Brad’s second ride was completed in 4 hrs and 20 min. due to less wind, cooler temperatures and being several years younger. A thermometer at the finish line was showing a “cool” 112 degrees with the official high for the day being recorded at 107 degrees. Scott had a calorie burning instrument that showed he had burned 6700 calories during his ride. Their first rest stop was at the 50 mile mark and Brad was “required” to call home and report to Gwen Ann that he and Scott were both OK and still in the “ride” and doing fine. That is what any concerned wife and mother would do—–100 miles in August in Wichita Falls in one morning!!!! For those who do not know Brad and/or Scott, they are 52 and 27 respectively in age—they are in shape!

On July 15, 2006 Brad and Scott rode in the Tour De Paris in Paris, TX that was a 60 mile ride. It was then that they decided to ride in the Hotter-N-Hell 4 weeks later. Neither rider changed their weekly routine much to prepare for the 100 mile ride. Brad rides his bike an average of 5-6 days a week for 25-30 miles each day. On Saturdays, he will ride 40-60 miles depending on the weather. He says this is considerably less than what he used to ride in his “younger” years. Scott is a member of a bicycle club in Shreveport and rides with them at least 2 days a week for 30-35 miles each day. Wave at Brad and Scott the next time you see them “riding the roads” around our area.

Julie Shelton, Brad and Gwen Ann’s daughter recently took over the “Top Spot” as the evening anchor at KTWX-TV in Waco. At 25, she is the youngest evening news anchor in the history of the CBS Affiliate. She anchors the 5, 6 and 10 p.m. broadcasts. After graduating from Abilene Christian College in May 2002, she was hired as the overnight producer. Her first promotion was to weekend producer and three-days-a-week reporter. The second promotion came quickly as she moved into a full-time reporting slot. She has a lengthy list of people she has interviewed from Bill Nye “The Science Guy” to country singers Terry Clark and Mark Chestnut. Her most memorable interview was with the commander of the 4th Infantry Division who captured Saddam Hussein. Being only 15 minutes from Crawford, the Western White House, Julie has had opportunities that are uncommon for most broadcast journalists in a medium-sized TV market. Recently she had an in studio interview with White House Secretary Tony Snow that she was not expecting to get due to his busy schedule. Brad and Gwen have some great pictures of Julie and those she has gotten to interview. How many of us can say we watched as the President of the United States cast his vote in his own Presidential election? Who knows, in the future it could be “Julie” instead of “Katie” making the headlines of the CBS Nightly News. Check out Julie’s bio at http://www.kwtx.com/station/bios/news/481597.html.

9/12/06: Update on Sale of Golf Course

The auction came and went without a sale. According to Joe Munsch, there were several interested buyers present, however, the minimum reserve bid was not met and no sale occurred. Joe went on to say that serious negotiations were ongoing with one of the parties and he hoped they could agree on an acceptable price, however, we have since learned they were unable to agree and the course is still on the open market. In the meantime, Joe is assessing what opportunities exist to add much-needed accommodations to The Links at Land’s End. Virtually every interested party and the current management of The Links all agree that upscale accommodations are essential for the long-term success of the club and would contribute greatly to both the rounds of golf played and to restaurant sales. We’ll keep you posted as this develops.


Our area is under the most serious drought condition of any area in Texas. The Keetch-Byram Drought Index measures the amount of moisture in the soil. A rating of 600-700 means you have to go 6″-7″ deep to find moisture and the higher the number, the dryer conditions are and the greater the danger of fire. Our current rating is 750, therefore, even tree roots will burn underground down to 7 1/2″ deep. Please be careful.

7/21/06: Fire Department Touched By Another “Angel”

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!! This week Merion and Shirley Reynolds (G29) joined the elite group of “Angels” who have donated $10,000 or more to Land’s End Fire Department. Merion and Shirley generously donated their 20′ NITRO Bass Boat, complete with 200 HP Mercury, tandem trailer and all the extras. The Firemen & women are planning to repeat the extremely successful raffle they had with Tony & Sue Brill’s boat in 2004, and will use the proceeds for expanding the fire station. Tickets will be available in two weeks and the drawing will be held September 24th at the McDonald’s Big Bass Splash. Merion & Shirley will have their names added to the recognition board in the Community Center alongside other “Angels” Sharron Hooper (L74), C.B. & Jan Hudson (L 64) and Tony & Sue Brill (L59).

7/21/06: Fire Station to Expand

During August Land’s End VFD will begin work on expanding the fire station the width of one additional bay, which will provide space inside for all six vehicles. Because two trucks were parked outside, they had to be drained in the winter months to prevent freezing and were out-of-service and unavailable during the worst fire season we’ve ever experienced. With this expansion, more water and pumping power will be readily available year round. Thanks to a very successful golf tournament, and with the proceeds from the boat raffle, LEVFD will be able to pay for the expansion in cash.

7/18/06: Catfish to Cash from Land’s End

Who says you must have a boat to be successful in a fishing tournament. During the recent 3rd Annual Big Catfish Splash here on Lake Fork, Ken Henshaw, son of TJ & Barb, won three hourly places for a total of $1,000 fishing from boat docks. The days were extremely hot and Ken preferred the shade available under a dock, and apparently so did the catfish. (For those who have followed Ken’s condition, he is currently #3 on Baylor’s liver transplant list for his blood type.)

5/4/06: Boat Ramp Gets Unusual Visitor

You’ve seen the sign “Beware of Alligator” on golf hole #10, but have you actually seen the alligator? Well, you might have a better opportunity to see one close up right beside our boat ramp. Thanks to the sharp eye of Jack Chapman, I was able to get some photos today of this 7′ reptile, and found him to be relatively unafraid. If you see him, just move slowly and keep quiet and you can go right up close by the water’s edge. Check these out: