Land's End History

Learn a little about the history of your neighborhood.

If you click on one of the pages to the left, you can view old issues of The Anchor (which ran from 2001-03; 2011-14), along with other Land’s End mementos from the past.

A history of the Land’s End HOA website.

Website 1.o: The original Land’s End HOA website was launched in 2003 by TJ Henshaw, the then HOA president. It was a great tool at the time for news around the neighborhood, due to the blog-like structure of the site. The website was designed by Henshaw on Microsoft FrontPage, a now discontinued website builder, and uploaded to the GoDaddy hosting service. This website design stuck around for almost 10 years; it can be viewed at: This site is no longer maintained.

Website 2.0: The Land’s End HOA website was completely redesigned and reworked in 2011 by Luke and Bob McGuire to improve its operation and to provide additional information related to the current activities of the Land’s End community.  The new site was themed by the Suffusion theme, and powered by WordPress. It was great because the Land’s End HOA website long overdue for a modern redesign. When website 2.0 was starting to be developed, website 1.0 hadn’t been updated in months! Bob McGuire’s grandson, Luke, had the idea to use WordPress to create a fresh, modern site for the HOA; this was a huge success with the residents. Website 2.0 can be viewed at: This site is no longer maintained.

Website 3.0: In February 2014, Bob and Luke McGuire once again completely redesigned and reworked the Land’s End HOA website. This is the website you’re on right now! Now, we have a live newsletter called “The Anchor”. This is a blog on the homepage that provides news from around the neighborhood, without the need for a quarter annual newsletter PDF. The theme behind this redesign, Divi, was a brand new theme from Elegant Themes at the time. It has been called the best theme Elegant Themes had ever done. We agree. It is truly an awesome way to create a WordPress site that is beautiful and functional.

The Anchor Files

A chronicle of Land's End history.

Land’s End: 2013

The Anchor - March 2013

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November 2013 Anchor

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Land’s End: 2012

The Anchor - April 2012

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The Anchor - August 2012

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The Anchor - October 2012

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Land’s End: 2011

The Anchor - December 2011

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