Land’s End Club Championship 2020

The Land’s End Club Championship was held on the weekend of September 19th and 20th.  It was a great turnout with many golfers participating.  The weather was beautiful, the course was in great shape, the greens were fast and the golf was exciting.  Congratulations to everyone who participated and special cheers to Jeremy & Linda!

Championship Flight

1st – Jeremy Bates  2nd – Duncan McAdoo  3rd – Collin Thompson

Blue Flight

1st Gross – Matthew Coe  2nd Gross – Joey Bush  1st Net – John Parsons  2nd Net – Chase Adams

White Flight

1st Gross – Garry Davison  2nd Gross – Greg Baltimore  1st Net – Brig Cole  2nd Net – Tommy Smith

Women’s Flight

Champion – Linda Marr  1st Net – Beverley Haynes