Early 2018 News at Land’s End


January Ladies Luncheon at The Links.

The Monthly ladies luncheon held at The Link’s restaurant. Friday afternoon, 01/19/2018. Ladies attending on the left (front to back) are Jeanette Warren, Julie Neace, Carolyn McGuire, & Sharon Brooks. On the right are Connie Martin, Ann Link, Amy Puccinelli, & Debby Keenan.  The group typically meet twice each month and Juli Neace notifies LE residents by email about the time and place of each luncheon.

The annual member meeting is scheduled to occur on 2/4/18.  The membership meeting triggers a vote for 3 new HOA Board members, and a vote for a proposed CCR change to allow control of the deer population in the neighborhood.  The board is also requesting that each property owner fill out the Property Information form to update contact information.

As background for the upcoming Annual Membership meeting, the Minutes for the four HOA Board meetings that occurred in 2017 have been merged into a single PDF file, which can be viewed by clicking one of the links below.  Other links provide minutes for last years Annual Membership meeting and mailings/forms related to the Property Information update, the proposed CCR change and the voting Proxy form.  Links to the HOA Board Meetings and the Annual Membership meetings are also provided on the Governance pages of the LEHOA website.

The HOA Board Meeting, dated 12-19-2017, that is included in the first link below,  provides the agenda planned for the 2018 Annual Membership meeting.

Minutes for the 4 HOA Board Meetings, 2017.

Minutes for the 2017 Annual Membership meeting.

Forms for Property Information update, Vote for the proposed CCR change, Proxy form.