News about Former Residents

We are sad to report the passing of two former Land’s End residents during the month of July, 2017, Barb Henshaw and Micky Harrison.  Barb Henshaw. the wife of TJ Henshaw, served as the original secretary of the Land’s End HOA for approximately 8 years.  Micky and his wife Renee’ Harrison were also among the early “pioneer” residents of Land’s End, and the Harrisons built two beautiful homes on Private Road 5985 during their stay at Land’s End.

The Henshaw home in 2002

TJ Henshaw served as the original President of the Land’s End HOA for over 10 years, until 2011. The Henshaws built one of the first homes at Land’s End on Lake Lot 7.  TJ, along with Barb, formed the LE Homeowners association, along with it’s governing documents, the Land’s End Voluntary Fire Department (LEVFD), and the LE Recycle Center.  The Henshaws also designed the first Land’s End website that was used to communicate with LE residents about neighborhood and HOA Board activities.  You can view that original website for a little bit of LE history, by clicking on the following link:  The website and newsletters, published by TJ and Barb, offered a focal point for information and help for residents.   The Henshaws moved from their home, built on Lake Lot 7, to Arizona in 2011.

The Harrison home in 2012

Micky Mac Harrison, and his wife Renee’, built their first home on Lake Lot 42, in 2001.  The Harrisons offered a lot of neighborly assistance to many of the new residents moving into Land’s End.  Mickey was an avid golfer and fisherman and was often seen on The Links golf course.  The Harrisons later built another beautiful home on PR 5985 (Lake lot 40&41).  The Harrisons were also well known for their success in the shoe “bidness”.  You can view more details about Mickey”s life by clicking on the following link:

The Land’s End community would like to offer condolences and thanks for all the contributions that Barb and Mickey have made to Land’s End.