The Annual HOA Meeting for Land’s End property owners was held on February 14, 2015. There are now 80 homes in the Land’s End community, having 134 lots, and 50 full time residents. Highlights of the meeting included the re-election of Tom Keenan and Brad McCampbell to serve on the HOA board for another 2 year term, and a proposal by homeowners for a bylaw change requiring all HOA board members to own a lot at Land’s End. The proposal for a bylaw change was later approved at a special membership meeting held on March 28. Details of these and other HOA board meetings can be viewed in the HOA News section of on our homepage.

The spring and summer rains this year have returned Lake Fork to its full pool level of 403 feet. As a result, Land’s End residents with boats have returned them to their docks, and the fishing along the Lake Fork shoreline and dock areas has been great during the cool spring and early summer months. As of the middle of July, we have yet to reach a temperature of 100 degrees. The rains every month have provided residents with beautiful landscapes and lots of mowing opportunities.

New fountains at the main gate entrance

New fountains at the main gate entrance were installed in June.  (Click picture for larger view)

During the months of May and June in 2015, two projects were started to enhance some of the common areas in Land’s End. The first project, funded by the HOA, involves replacing a troublesome fountain near the bridge at the main gate entrance with a pair of fountains driven by a new pump & newly installed 4″ lines that provide lake water to the new fountains. The second project provides improvements to the 1.6 acre common area surrounded by PR 5984 and PR 5985. The PR 5984/5985 effort was carried out by a group of homeowner volunteers led by Jim Parker and Barbara Woosley. Details of these two projects can be viewed on the 2015 Common Area Projects post in the Community News section on our homepage.

The new garden at the PR 5984 /5985 common area in July

The new garden at the PR 5984 /5985 common area in July       (Click picture for larger view)


The Land’s End Volunteer Fire Department held its annual Charity Golf Tournament in June. It was, as always, a great success. The golfers had a wonderful time and the tournament donations provide another means for helping the Fire Department achieve its financial goals for the year. July 4th provided another national holiday and opportunity for Juli Neace, Dawn McCampbell and their flag crew to place 192 flags at the front of homes in Land’s End and the surrounding communities. The flag program also provides needed funds for the fire department (LEVFD).

There was some discussion at the annual homeowners meeting about the response time of the ETMC ambulance following a 911 call. The LEVFD has an excellent record for providing an immediate response to LE homeowners when a 911 call is initiated. It was pointed out at the meeting that the LEVFD is not responsible for ETMC ambulance response times. The ETMC ambulance driver, on one occasion, was unfamiliar with the directions to Land’s End and it was necessary to provide him a verbal set of directions to Land’s End. This can be difficult during an emergency and Juli Neace recommended that the ambulance driver first be directed to the intersection of Hwy. 154 and Hwy. 515. From this intersection the most direct route to the Construction Entrance (this is the first entrance, not the Main entrance!) of Land’s End is via CR 1970. For a list of driving instructions click on driving to Land’s End. This driving route, shown to PR 5984 from the highway intersection, was formed using the Google Maps feature 0n the Maps & Directions page of our website. You should also tell the ambulance driver that the ambulance siren will open the Construction Entrance gate. You can click on details on the Google map for a set of verbal instructions. It is important to emphasize to the ambulance driver that he/she should enter the Construction Entrance, just past the Fire Department.

Ownership of The Links is in the process of changing. The golf course remains in remarkably good shape, however. The fairways and greens provide for a great round of golf and the views of Lake Fork from the golf course add another highlight to The Links golf experience.


David and Myrtle Roch have moved into their Villa home on lots 7 and 8.

Dale and Debra Scruggs are permanent residents in their new home on Golf lot 23.

Bob and Sara Arledge are now residing in their new home on Lake Lot 31 (PR 5984).

J.R. and Caroline Douglas are now residing in their home on Golf Lot 24.

Bill and Liz Kainer have moved into their new home on Lake Lot 30 (PR 5984).

Michael and Amy Puccinelli are residing at Lake Lot 24.