Thanks from the Land’s End VFD

20140528_085656Merion and Shirley Reynolds have recently donated two extremely generous gifts to the Land’s End Volunteer Fire Dept.

The first generous gesture was the recent donation of 14 lots in the Timberwood Subdivision, located in another area on the Lake Fork shoreline, for the Fire Departments future use.  The LEVFD will allow these properties to increase in value over the next 8-15 years.  The Reynolds had previously donated a lot during the time they lived in this subdivision for the installation of a 10,000 gallon water storage tank that is currently used for fire suppression backup.

You have probably noticed a large new flower bed, with a wonderful assortment of plants, at the front of the fire department building, near the construction entrance to Land’s End.  The other flower beds surrounding the fire department building have also been cleaned up and mulched.  Shirley and Merion have spent many days and numerous hours providing these landscape improvements that also add to the appearance of the Land’s End community.

The LEVFD want to publicly thank the Reynolds for these donations and the support they have provided to enable us to provide Land’s End and the surrounding communities with a dependable first response facility for fire fighting and medical emergencies.

The fire department team, led by Rick Nichols, would also like to thank the many other residents of Land’s End who have generously provided the time, resources and financial support needed to procure and maintain the facility and emergency equipment.  The residents of Land’s End have been very generous and supportive of our efforts during the past 10 years.