The cool months of this 2012 winter season at Land’s End are nearly over. Most of our daytime temperatures during the winter range from 50 to 70 degrees, so it remains a good time of the year to be outside playing golf, fishing, or fixing up the lot for another gorgeous spring. You can tell spring is near because the cardinals and bluebirds are active, the daffodils are blooming, and the trees are starting to bud.LE Winter 2012

Those of us living here know we are fortunate. We live on spacious and wooded lots in a quiet and relaxing environment that is on or near a manicured shoreline of Lake Fork. There is an outstanding group of homes in a well maintained neighborhood with interesting neighbors. We can step outside the house for a round of golf or a nice meal at The Links. We have neighborhood activities that include golf, fishing, gardening, bible studies, wine tasting, and luncheons.  We also have an opportunity to wander down to a part of Lake Fork and enjoy the shoreline that is manicured by the crew at the golf course and the residents having lake lots.

The nearby cities of Quitman, Mineola, Yantis, Winnsboro, Sulphur Springs, and Emory provide a lot of opportunities for LE residents to participate in civic and church activities. This issue of The Anchor highlights The Special Olympics event recently held in Quitman in the Local Community Activities section.  A large number of Land’s End residents, led by Vanetta Plumlee and Sharon Brooks participated in this annual event this year.

The Land’s End Volunteer Fire Department (LEVFD) provides a valuable service to the residents of Land’s End and to the surrounding communities.  This first class firefighting facility, located adjacent to the Land’s End community, provides a team of volunteers that are the first to respond fire and medical emergencies.  Most of the volunteers reside outside the Land’s End community.  We are fortunate that one of our residents, Drew Roberts, is actively involved as Assistant Fire Chief.  Drew has provided The Anchor with a summary of the LEVFD activities during the past year.

Our neighborhood continues to grow and improve. Resurfacing of some of the roads has been completed, and the neighborhood continues to look impressive, thanks to all the landscaping efforts and renovations by the homeowners